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Welcome to the Tourism Co-operative Alliance

We are the new not-for-profit body representing the interests of Tourism Co-operatives across the UK.

Co-operatives and co-operative principles have been tried and tested for over 150 years and can now be applied to tourism provision.

Here Co-operatives are being championed as one vehicle to encourage "private sector voluntary initiatives" to emerge across a number of sectors currently fulfilled by government departments at a time of great financial cuts across national and local government.

Tourism is a key sector for growth over the next 10 years and a major part of the re-balancing strategy of the UK economy. Tourism Co-operatives offer a solution to support clusters of local businesses with business support, marketing and other collaborative initiatives.

We aim to share best practice across Tourism Co-operatives in the UK and Europe and also to provide ombudsman and mediation services to our members.


Anne Eyles
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