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Co-operatives in Tourism

The New DMO of choice?

Tourism Co-operatives could be the new DMO’s (Destination Marketing Organisations) for the coalition and post spending review Britain we now live in today - we suggest.

Tourism Co-operatives are more than simply a structural change in the management of collaborative tourism at a local level - they are a fundamental step change towards the Big Society vision of David Cameron’s Britain.

Co-operatives and co-operative principles have been tried and tested for over 150 years and can now be applied to tourism provision.

George Osborne included direct references in the spending review to developing a new right for public sector workers to form employee-owned co-operatives to take over the services they deliver. 

One model which is emerging is the Destination Alliances model, a co-operative business model and framework which supports both public sector workers and local tourism businesses in the drive for better business-led provision of local tourism services.

Ensuring a smooth transition and that there is true bottom-up demand from public sector workers themselves to form co-operatives remains to be seen.  The knowledge that there is a comprehensive model in place may just be enough to encourage take-up.

Anne Eyles
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